Who we are

Rumble is a online delivery service that connects people with the best restaurants of their neighborhood across Nigeria. We enable local businesses to meet consumer needs for convenience and convenience, and thus create new ways for people to make money, work and live.

What's our values

We are innovators

The idea of ​​rumble was born on a rainy night in Port Harcourt in 2016. Since then, the DNA of our redesign and reinvention has continued. We have evolved into a global platform that moves people and things more and more.

Life at Rumble

Great minds don’t think alike. That’s why Rumble reflects the incredible diversity of the people who connect on our platform. Our job is to supply you with the flexibility to work where you want, benefits to be your best self, and a commitment to doing the right. Period.

The team

We’re dedicated to supporting our community to live an open and authentic life, to love whomever and however they want, and to feel empowered to speak their truth.

Rumble Newletter

For the latest news and company information, please visit the Rumble News Room. There, you can browse the rumble archive to find previous announcements, company information, and more.

Support when needed

Do you require assistance as a customer, dispatch rider or vendor? Browse our FAQs for answers to your questions.